Different Types of Roman Shade and Curtains!
October 22, 2021

Different Types of Roman Shade and Curtains!

If you want a more aesthetic appearance of your room, you must use roman shade and curtains. These shades are so soft in fabric for the window. It treats windows that hang flat against the window when in the down position but fold up crisply and neatly into horizontal folds when raised. It is very easy to use and a great way to add more color to your home with the different pattern combinations. And once you hang curtains in layering drapes over roman shade, together it gives your room a cozy feel.

However, a roman shade curtain is usually constructed with a series of horizontal bars to make the gentle feel. Even the appearance of hanging these curtains is so elegant and eye-catching. You can choose a different pattern of roman shade curtain for your rooms to add more curb appeal. Read this blog post ahead to know all the different patterns of the roman shade.

Two Important Types of Roman Shade and Curtains!

  • Flat Roman Shades: - Flat roman shades are made of a continuous piece of fabric and hang flat against the window. It is made up of horizontal fabric panels backed with sturdy bars to strengthen the shade. This style is rigid and offers a structured look that can be a perfect love pattern, so the design remains pristine and uncluttered.

Moreover, the flat roman shades give a clean and custom look, yet the appeal of a soft fabric adds a depth of design. Once you use these curtains, you feel more comfortable, and even people give you more exhilarated compliments.

  • Soft Fold Roman Shades: - Soft Fold roman shade and curtains are also known as hobbled, teardrop, or looped. This unique style retains the loose folds in the lowered and raised positions. But, it is distinctive as the fabric cascades in a rippling effect all the way down the window. You will also experience that the roman shade looks so adorable that it creates a romantic mood and airy feel. Or you can also style it more traditionally.

However, these curtain shades are designed with permanent folds and retain the folds when open. So, whenever you need to add gorgeous beauty to your room for any traditional party, or couple room, you can blindly choose a roman shade curtain.


Undoubtedly, curtains improve the look of the room. These curtains come in several patterns and styles to add more positive and happy vibes at home. So, if you want an eye-catching appearance of your room with a good feel, you must use roman shade and curtains. In the above write-up, we mentioned the top two important types of roman shade, so choose them and give your home a new look.