Need help measuring curtain? To view our step-by-step instructions

How to measure width for curtain

Measure the width of the area you wish to cover. This is your ordering width. All styles come with fullness built in, so order exact width needed. If your drapery needs to be functional (open and close), the total coverage width should equal the same span, left to right, that your hardware does.

Tips: We recommend whenever possible to extend out from the edges of your window or doors as much as 6” - 12” on each side. This will help make the area look larger, and will also maintain as much natural light as possible when the Drapery panels are open.

How to measure length for curtain

Finished height is measured from top to bottom, including tabs or rod pockets. Drapery is most often ordered to be installed 4" above the window or near the ceiling (be sure to add these extra inches to your final measurements). All Drapery styles can be ordered as Valances up to 20" in length.