One Piece Heavy Fabric Sofa Furniture Cover Throw with Pins / Beige

One Piece Heavy Fabric Sofa Furniture Cover Throw with Pins / Beige


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Please CONTACT us if you want to place a custom order. We will RECALCULATE the PRICE and send you the custom order link

  • Please follow measuring guide in product description to measure your sofa LENGTH and WIDTH before placing the order
  • Luxurious heavy-weight textured upholstery fabric of anti-slip backing(not compatible with leather sofa)
  • Simple, easy and elegant way to keep your couch clean and beautiful.Great for homes with kids and pets
  • Machine washable in cold water. 61.5% polyester, 21.3% rayon, 17.2 % cotton
  • Exclusively designed for KARUILU home

How to measure the length of the sofa throw you need for your sofa

To get the length of the sofa throw, there're 4 measurements you need:
  • outside arm height * 2
  • arm width * 2
  • inside arm height * 2
  • interior seat width
We offer 5 length sizes ( 102" / 118" / 138" / 158" /170" )of prefabricated sofa throws and can accommodate custom orders too. Your sofa measurements will tell you which sofa throw to choose. For example, if the length you measure is 110", we recommend you to choose our 118" length size.

Our sofa throws fit most sofas up to 110 inches wide, for example:
  • 83"*118" covers can fit 2 seater sofa 62" wide. 
  • 83"*138" covers can fit 3 seater sofa 80" wide.
  • 83"*158" covers can fit extra large sofa 96" wide

How to measure the width of the sofa throw you need for your sofa

To get the width of the sofa throw, there're 5 measurements you'll need:
  • floor to seat top
  • interior seat depth
  • back height from top of seat cushion to top of the sofa
  • back of sofa frame depth
  • from the back of sofa top to wherever you want to cover
Please note, our regular 83" width sofa throw will not cover the entire back of your sofa. If you put your sofa against the wall, our sofa throw will be perfect for you. If the sofa is free standing and can be seen from the behind, you will need the throw to cover the back of your sofa to the floor, you can place a custom order and we will make a throw to fit your needs. 

How to use this sofa throw

When you receive your sofa throw, remove the throw from its packaging and drape over your sofa. Make sure the front ruffle aligns with the sofa seat and tuck the excess fabric into the sofa. There are pins provided, as needed, to help anchor the side and the back.

Care instructions :
  •  Initial water temperature should not exceed 30C or 65 to 85F. 
  •  Clean with neutral detergent, do not use alkaline or acidic detergent. 
  •  Use washing machine setting designed for bright colors, cold water, and/or reduced time for delicate items. 
  •  Recommend air-drying in a cool place. Note: excessive exposure to sunlight may damage the product. If machine dryer used, select delicates or low heat setting.May iron after washing on cotton or polyester setting with or without steam to remove wrinkles

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