Custom Curtain Panel Drapery - Fresh Garden

Custom Curtain Panel Drapery - Fresh Garden

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Our curtains are made with the best quality fabric, comparable to the curtain fabric you find in the high-end store for less price. Best used for living room and bedroom for privacy and insulation.

1. Material: Polyester, effectively blocks the heat from outside better than the other curtains, it can lower the indoor temperature by 3-5 degrees. The curtain pattern can match any style of furniture in the room. A very high-quality weaving method can produce such fine patterns.

2. Shading: made with the high-density weaving process, can block light up to 90%, soft but thick to the touch, doesn't face easily.

3. Washing method, best to dry clean, separate washing, do not bleach, medium temperature ironing, can use water.

4. Measuring. The size in the drop-down option is the size of the finished curtain and a set of two curtains. In order to ensure the fullness of the curtain, it is suggested that the width of the entire pole (track) is equal to the width of a single curtain.

5: How to Order:

Step 1: Measure the width and height of the area to be covered. Please refer to the photos.
Step 2: Choose fabric
Step 3: Select curtain head:versatile drapery, grommet drapery, X pleat drapery,
Step 4: After confirming the details, I will send you the payment link
Step 5: Customization time 10-15 days
Step 6: Express delivery time 3-5 days

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