Handmade Cotton Mask with Filter Pocket - Cream Flowers

Handmade Cotton Mask with Filter Pocket - Cream Flowers

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  • 100% cotton, lined with cotton.
  • Each mask comes with a free filter.
  • There is a separate bag on the inner layer for easy filter replacement.
  • Nose clip inside, comfortable and breathable, environmentally friendly and hygienic.
  • The three-dimensional style is suitable for different face shapes.
  • Suitable for: teenagers, adults

❤️ Guidelines for use:

  • All masks are handmade, they are washed, dried, sterilized and then sealed.
  • To purchase additional filters, please scroll down the drop-down menu to buy.
  • It has adjustable cords on its ears and. This mask is form-fitting for a secure fit.
  • Please note that this is not a medical mask. There are no medical benefits to this mask.
  • It is recommended to prepare at least two masks for everyone, and it is recommended to clean and disinfect cotton masks after each use.
  • Due to the special nature of the mask, once sold, it cannot be returned for any reason!

❤️ About filters:

  • The filter can effectively filter dust/mist, smog, exhaust gas and other harmful substances.
  • Time of use: It is recommended to replace one filter every day

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