Almond Linen Apron Dress For Women

Almond Linen Apron Dress For Women

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- 80% cotton and 20% linen. High quality washed cotton fabric. Fabric is soft and comfortable on skin
- Roomy double pockets.
- Apron covers from chest to knees providing great coverage and protection from kitchen grease, food and liquid spill, stains, paint, dirt and mess.
- Please note the apron is not water or oil-proof.

Size: One Size: 32" x 41" (82cm×110cm)
Color: Almond


- Machine wash cold to minimize shrinkage.
- Wash with a similar color.
- Tumble dry low. Iron if necessary.
- Do not bleach or dry clean.

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Almond Linen Apron Dress For Women
This shipped so quickly, almost immediately after I ordered it! The fabric is soft and comfortable and the crossback allows it to be very flow-y and not constricting. I’m
I received this apron today and I absolutely love it. I bought it to do painting and crafts with, because I always get paint and glue and such all over my clothes. I am 5

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